Google+ vs. Facebook

I think that both Google and Facebook have their place. Facebook seems to be bigger on a social scale, whereas Google seems to be more effective within the advertising realm. Google does a great job harnessing technology for advertising, where is grosses most of its revenue. As far as socializing, though, I have to give that one to Facebook.

My experience with Facebook is that it is a lot more popular, user-friendly, and organized. With Facebook I can easily sort groups, lists, and subscribe/unsubscribe from posts and invitations. It seems that most everyone I know has a Facebook page, while only a small number of my friends have a Google+ account, and fewer still know how to and actually use their Google+ account.  There is really no social benefit to utilizing my Google+ account since my friends are on Facebook instead. I think that Google+ has some great features like G-Chat and Hangouts, but they do not overshadow Facebook’s messenger or video chat features. I think that Facebook’s consistency and continuity makes it easy to stay in touch and up-to-date. Timeline makes it easy to go back in time, and keep up with engagements, weddings, babies, and the like. Facebook seems to be an online scrapbook for many. In order to participate in the greater social network, I find myself devoting my social networking time to Facebook. Facebook’s apps also make it easy for users to stay connected, according to the Changing the World PowerPoint, as many as 75 million views per day coming from mobile devices.

However, to say that Google carries the torch in advertising is an understatement. Google is a behemoth when it comes to advertising revenue.  According to Changing the World, Google’s advertising revenue is greater than that of the entire print industry in the United States of America. That statistic shows just how much of an impact Google advertising can, and does have.

I think that even though Facebook is behind in the advertising game, it has a lot of potential. The readings from the text described how Google advertisements target what you are looking for, building their business around search, while Facebook has build its platform around community and social networking. This article on CrazyEgg also does a great job explaining the differences between Facebook and Adwords targeting formulas. With the cost of a Facebook ad being less than a third of that of a Google advertisement, and the potential to have it “liked” on such a broad social network, there are definite benefits to Facebook advertising. However, Google still takes the cake on this one. I can honestly say that Google always gets me what I want in a search and the advertisements are on point. Facebook, on the other hand, does a good job suggesting things that I am not necessarily looking for, but may be interested in.  For example, Google helps me find shoes I want, while Facebook finds me other shoes and related apparel that might complete an outfit.


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