Misguided Mr. Higinson

It’s interesting that the social media manager at the University of Brighton, Mark Higginson, believes that Coca-Cola’s investments in its website and digital magazine “produce little in the way of a justifiable return.” 

I would argue that he is entirely incorrect. What is correct about the return on investment is that it may not yield immediate results in the way of short-term sales. Rather, these investments are exactly that- investments.

These two different platforms are ways to increase retention and brand loyalty. The content displayed on these forums reminds consumers why they love Coca-Cola and its products. Higginson tries to quantify the value of the content through likes and shares. However, I thoroughly enjoy content and have my consumer experience affected by a brand’s content without taking action myself.

Just because I do not like or share a post does not mean that it did not create some value for the company in reaching me. In fact, a bet there are millions of other Coca-Cola fans who are affected and reminded of their loyalty to the brand who are just like me and do not like or share the content. Sometimes this value is not easily measured, and we need to remember that. These are not appropriate platforms for pushing products. Who is going to seek out an arena where advertisements are shoved at your face? Not me, that’s for sure. Instead, these platforms are a place to remind consumers about their interests and memories with Coca-Cola, and encourage the consumer base to become loyal, thereby increasing sales in the long run.

Immediate results are short-lived. Long-term gains are where the value is.

Keep on keeping on, Coca-Cola.



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