Social Listening for Influencers

There are so many different styles and practices for listening on social media. I realize that everyone has their preference, but there are a few things that I think are common among all great listening practices. The first of these things is that a brand identifies influencers. According to the Social Media Examiner, 1% of a site’s audience generates 20% of all of its traffic. By using analytics, a social media manager can identify, better listen to, and leverage these influencers. Social media managers should also listen for interests of its audience, by understanding what trends and keywords emerge on a regular basis, a brand can better deliver content tailored to its audience.

Responding to comments on social media can be tricky. Posting responses for the world to read means that what is said has the potential to be misinterpreted very easily. Keeping this in mind, joking responses should always be made in good taste. If you aren’t sure if your parents or significant other would find it tasteful and appropriate, you should probably refrain from making the joke.

Addressing concerns and showing empathy is a great way to identify with consumers and show that the brand has good customer service. When things have the potential to get out of hand online, it can be a good idea to suggest taking the discussion offline by providing a customer service email address or phone number.

Lastly, not responding to comments is just as bad as responding in poor taste. When someone posts a bad review or concern, apologizing and offering to mend the situation is always a great approach.

Brands find great value in having key influencers follow them online. You can identify key influencers through social media analytics. By digging through user-generated content and analytics such as demographics and product-purchase history, you are sure to find a treasure trove of leads with an underlying key influencer. Finding these key influencers means working backward to locate the common core where chunks of traffic and content come from.10 A1.jpg


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