SEO: The Art and Science

Search engine optimization is an art and a science at the same time. There are specific measures that can be taken as part of a search engine success formula, but those measures require content and keyword artistry. A brand’s collective use of social media platforms and websites create an image that can easily, or not so easily, be found by consumers.

But why is it important to make sure that a brand has effective search engine optimization? Great question. It is important because search engines return results for questions that potential consumers are really asking. That means that there are Internet users out there who could be looking for a product or service, but their first few options as search hits will be those that are optimized for search engines. By not being up-to-speed on search engine optimization, a brand could lose out on connecting with a number of potential consumers. According to the 1stOnTheList infographic below, 75 percent on consumers never scroll past the first page of search results.


Social media managers can use search engine optimization effectively in social media through measures like keyword searches, shortening URLs in posts, creating rich content, and establishing the brand as an authority in its field through online content (relevant content, broad audience reach, engagement with valuable consumers). Conducting a search is a great way to see what search terms are best for finding the consumers who ask the questions you are interested in answering.

Conforming to industry best practices means also using Google authorship for blog posts, linking to other social media profiles, and making sure that brand names and descriptions are uniform across platform profiles. Additionally, creating test posts to see what times are optimal for the most engagement will help yield better lead generation and conversion. Using social media publishing tools to sort past posts and to visualize data will help illustrate prominent trends that will help to plan for better content and engagement, leading to increased SEO.


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