Audit Your Social

Social media audits are used to assess performance and measure the success of social media as it works for us. A social media audit evaluates areas of strength and areas of opportunity. Metrics measured in a social media audit include customer base/market share, website rank, reach, frequency, engagement, influence, and social media presence on your home page. Branding is also a great metric as it can allow you to better understand competitors in a competitive analysis.


A competitive analysis is conducted by looking at the performance of competitors in your marketplace. This can be done my searching for competitors on social media, analyzing content strategy, compiling statistics on followers and fans, finding out the average post information, and looking at the content and context of posts.

Although looking into a brand and its audience is important, a prudent social media manager keeps an eye on the landscape through competitive analysis. Staying abreast of competition can always provide a slight edge- especially in such a fast-paced industry. Keeping an eye on the patterns and behaviors of competition might yield insight into both consumer and product landscapes.

Buyer personas are the focus of a social media manager’s energy and content. These personas direct a social media manager to choose the channels and content for  social media strategy.  This Social Media Today article provides the following definition of buyer personas as stated by Tony Zambito:

Buyer personas are research-based archetypal (modeled) representations of who buyers are, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy, where they buy, when buyers decide to buy, and why they make buying decisions.”

I believe that understanding a brand and its audience is key in implementing a successful social media plan. It is in looking into buyer personas that we are able to visualize an audience.

As can be seen in Zambito’s definition, by doing research on buyer personas, a social media manager can try to get inside an audience member’s head. Understanding buyer personas can help social media managers think like buyers, uncover personal information and goals, their social media consumption habits, and demographic information.

Simply put: Buyer personas help social media professionals identify who a brand is targeting, helping that brand understand why its audience ic composed of those individuals (needs and motivations), and using the right when and how to then yield increased conversion.



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