Social: Service, Support, and Feedback

Social and traditional CRM offer various benefits and costs. Social CRM is a great vehicle for providing companies and consumers with more direct means of contact and connection. However, with technology also comes the ability of social sharing and the importance of service and support directed at customer feedback.

As this article from states, 53 percent of Twitter users recommend companies in their tweets, and many more share their customer experiences with millions online.

 Service and Support

With regard to the first difference, while also considering the second, it can be seen that this will impact a brand a lot. Brands that choose social CRM set high expectations for their consumers. Consumers who see a brand on social media are likely to expect the kind of immediacy that social interaction that many companies provide on these platforms. When customers are angry they often take to Twitter, complaining about cancelled flights, defective products, and the like- and expect immediate customer service just as though they were talking directly to a customer service representative on the phone (minus the wait time and terrible music). Being involved in social CRM means that a brand must be prepared to provide up-to-the-minute customer service that consumers can rely on, or it may be setting itself up for failure.


The fact that many people take to the Internet to share their customer experiences is not new. However, this is becoming an increasingly popular method of selecting brands and placing trust in companies. Although people have never met each other, they are willing to trust their reviews since they have personally endorsed them and gone out of their way to do so. This means that a brand most constantly monitor their web presence and mentions in all places online. It only takes one apple to ruin a bunch- or one bad Tweet to set a brand up for major criticism.


Choosing to have a social media presence is a very wise decision, just keep in mind that it is a project that never ends. Once you set up your social media presence, you have to maintain it, evolve with the times, or risk having been better off without ever becoming involved. Like a well oiled machine, it will work well if you take care of it, but if you don’t, then it might become more trouble than it’s worth.


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