Synergy: Aligning Social Media Marketing Plan with Overall Strategic Marketing Plan

Creating synergy between your social strategy and overall marketing plan is easy. In fact, they’re better together.

Stronger Together - Lifting the Words

Finding common values and carrying the brand forward in the same direction as a team can be done with three simple steps:

1- Review your overall business strategy.

Social media is not that different from traditional marketing.

It’s important to realize the overlap in traditional and social marketing because it is easy for rookie social media managers to try to create a whole new marketing plan if they are not working directly with the marketing manager. When working on social media and marketing strategies, remember to keep the same or similar objectives so that the two plans complement one another.

In fact, the line between the two should be almost a blur.


2-Select departments for social influence and generate support among departments.

Keep the conversation going.

This does not refer to social media conversation. Instead, what I am referring to here it to keep the internal conversations on all the time. If marketing objectives and strategies change in traditional marketing or elsewhere in the business, it will have a profound effect on social media. Huddle up and listen!

3-Identify tangible business goals.

Keep the content consistent but appropriate.

Do not forget to take a tactful approach. Don’t get to salesy on social or too casual elsewhere. Know where you are working and what you are working with at all times. Consistency in branding can mean similar, but not mirror image. Use strategic communication and social media marketing for what they are- two very different, very useful tools that together can build something great.


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