Architecture and Traffic Control

Like the image of air traffic above, the world of social media can appear chaotic. However, that doesn’t mean that social media platform cannot be used to organize and manage brand architecture.

In fact, social media can be leveraged to keep brand names and products in order, generate opportunities for increased exposure, and consistent branding.

I like to think of social media managers as air traffic controllers; showing people where to go, when to go there, what to do there, and what other options there are to get somewhere.


A branded house like Coca-Cola can easily manage a suite of brands on a minimal number of platforms because all brands use the same name. On the other hand, a house of brands will likely use multiple channels to organize the various name products under different brands, but utilize them to direct traffic flow and image branding.

Right between those two kinds of branding is endorsed branding, or sub-branding, which gives credibility and substance to the offering. Regardless of the type of branding being used, social media can help to organize the so-called “family tree” through using different channels as vehicles to carry out a strategic approach to management.

For example, where a brand has made one of its objectives identifying and investing in the fewest number of brands needed to meet business goals, it can group several products (say 3 for the sake of this example) under one social media account for a single brand. In doing so, the account may likely have triple the following at maybe one third of the cost. This type of approach to using social media for managing brand architecture can help direct consumer experience and behavior.

The organization of brand names and products under accounts, together with content, directs consumers to experience a particular group of products or services together in a specific way. This effectively creates consistency through a streamlined brand image, all at the direction of the social media manager (the air traffic controller).

By identifying the brand architecture, a social media manager can better direct traffic flow and direct consumers to their perceived destinations.


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