Social Media and News

The news article that I chose for this assignment was this article (Links to an external site.) on yesterday’s earthquake in Italy. It was posted by CNN today under the headline “Before and after photos show impact of Italy’s earthquake” and featured and image of the earthquake. The first few lines featured read, “A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy early Wednesday morning, toppling buildings and killing at least 241 people.” The inverted pyramid strategy used provided me with valuable information and provided me with a clear picture of why this is newsworthy without having to do any further reading. The article also included engaging videos of rescuers pulling a girl from rubble.

It also used powerful quotes like, “They know right now it’s a race against time. They believe it’s about 72 hours those people would be able to survive.” Experts and witnesses were interviewed, providing a clear picture of what is going on and made the disaster feel so much closer to home than it is.

The story also used the previously mentioned before and after photos to show the changes in landscape. The words that accompanied the photos were my favorite part about the photos shared in the body of the article. The pictures were powerful, and yet, the words made them even more impactful. The first series of photos stated, “The Clock Tower Still Stands”. The caption was “A clock tower in the center of the mountainous town of Amatrice is frozen at 3:36 a.m. — the time the earthquake struck.” Those two sentences really hit me. They made the situation all the more real. CNN properly attributed ownership to the photos, as was discussed in lecture.

The story was told from a hard news approach but incorporated many human elements, making it feel like more of a feature. The videos and photos really made the whole story come full-circle. It was hearing from rescuers, witnesses, experts, and victims in the video and the before and after photos shown that made the story come alive.


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