About Me

I’m an attorney and mass communication professional. I earned my Master of Arts  in Mass Communication and Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Florida (Go Gators!).

Prior to my current role as a mass communications professional, I had graduated from Stetson University with my Juris Doctor in May 2014. I have a sidekick- she’s a little diva of a Golden Retriever named Jessie. She goes almost everywhere with me. The front seat of my car is reserved for her, or so she thinks.

An interesting fact is that I am a multi-national champion equestrian. Most of my free time is spent riding and competing in horse shows in the United States and Canada. Horses are my passion. I love all sports, watching, participating, and reporting on them- I covered Florida Gators football while in college, was a legal intern with the Tampa Bay Lightning, and worked in compliance with the UNC Tar Heels. Talk about fun times!

I adore sundresses, sunshine, pineapples, and all things tropical. I’m pretty convinced my natural height is 5’10, you’ll always find me in heels.

I love writing and adore people; everyone has a story. This is mine. What’s yours?




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